Bolehlah is simply a place for Malaysian to do exactly what they want and sourcing specific service for an affordable price. Bolehlah is aspired to provide a platform that allow outsourcing of tasks securely, effectively and efficiently.

We want Outsourcers to get work done from a talented pool of local freelancers at affordable prices and within their specifications.

We want Freelancers to do exactly what they’re passionate and good at hence ability to deliver more and earn more.

Why should freelancers join Bolehlah?

Do you find yourself hate the routine 9am – 6pm office hour and office politics? Do you find it difficult to be employed for the right kind of work and do just what you like? Do you find it difficult to find a channel where you can sell your skills?

Here at Bolehlah, we are opening up opportunity for anybody to buy your services and pay you! It is truly said, ‘Work is no longer a same place for the same boss’ and income is no longer from ‘Fixed Salary’. You have the flexibility to create your future by selling the work you love to do. Bolehlah gives you the platform to be self-employed and make your own livelihood instead of relying on someone else for a income.

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Why should you outsource via Bolehlah?

Do you find difficult to trust freelancers from oversea / located far from you? Do you afraid if Sellers are unable to deliver and have taken the payment? Do you want local freelancers with understanding of local requirements to do the job instead?

At Bolehlah, we are looking at genuine, qualified and accredited freelancers to provide a quality services at fixed starting cost with low rate. We will monitor and review the historical feedback by Sellers and will take action/hold the payment if Sellers are unable to deliver per described and agreed. To ensure Seller deliver, the service fees will be secured by us until the job is done and closure of job mutually agreed between buyer and seller. We will be taking part to review from documented evidence for any dispute of work delivery. We want to ensure you get what you purchased from the seller and you get value for money services.

We go extra miles by validating Sellers information such as identity card, phone number, sample work / experience and obtain bank account details to ensure we know them before serving you.

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